A short history of mobile marketing

Mobile phones have cemented their place in our hearts.

It seems only a few years ago when it was hard to imagine people wanting to use the internet on their phone. Mobile technology innovation and uptake has exceeded the most optimistic predictions.

People report being more attached to their phone than any other possession, often using it right before bed and immediately upon waking up.

This powerful relationship makes mobiles an attractive channel for marketers and business owners.

Let’s take a look at the history of mobile marketing with this great Mobile Marketing infographic from  Top Marketing Schools

The Evolution of Mobile Marketing

A history of Mobile Marketing

From the introduction of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell our love affair with phones has grown steadily. Like most networking and communication tools, the more people possess the tool, the greater it’s power. With Billions of mobile users worldwide, the technology is a vital personal and business communication tool.

Mobile SMS Marketing now a focus

As people become more sophisticated about their email management (spam filters block many marketing messages), SMS is the hot new B2C marketing tool. Just like email though, permission based marketing is still essential to ensure you are building your brand and delivering great value to people who want to hear from you.

QR codes still finding their feet

QR codes never quite lived up to their hype. Often poorly implemented, and with many consumers still not using them, deciding “Should I use a QR code” remains a challenge.

Without a doubt, the mobile world will continue to expand as our relationship to our phones and their new cousin, wearable computing like Google Glass, continues to deepen.

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