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Cairns Search Engine Optimisation Company Business SEO has years of experience helping local getting Businesses ton the first page of Google. We work with companies throughout Australia, but as we are based in Cairns we have special expertise with Cairns Local SEO. In particular we have extensive experience working in the travel, tourism, accommodation and business to business (B2B) sectors.

What Is Local SEO?

Local S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation) is the art and science of making sure your business gets found when people search for your industry in their local area.
It involves many aspects including planning, developing, designing, configuring and editing web sites  including code, layout, site structure, text, images and other content so that it can easily, quickly and accurately indexed and classified by Google and other search engines.


Cairns based SEO company

Business SEO is based in Cairns and you can visit our offices by appointment only at 14 Spence St Cairns, or 12A Grove St Cairns. Our clients include both local businesses as well as interstate and national businesses. We specialise in Australian Local SEO. Our team includes both Cairns based SEO consultants and international SEO specialists to provide the ideal blend of efficiency and economy when it comes to doing SEO on your website.’

Why use Local SEO?

Local SEO makes sure that when your clients search for you online they find your business so that they can call, visit or buy.

It’s important that you are found for more than just your business name – to attract new clients you need to come up on Google when potential new customers are searching for the information, products or services you provide.  Unfortunately, many businesses spend thousands of dollars building websites which are not Google friendly, so they don’t get new customers from their website. This means the ROI of your website is limited and in many cases the website is just a waste of money.

Local SEO can make sure you get found when your ideal customer is searching for your products and services.

For Local SEO to work correctly your website needs to have good quality content including useful information about your products and services, otherwise the benefits of SEO are limited or only temporary, and when customers do visit your webpage they may leave immediately if they don’t like your site and what it offers.

Our Approach to Local SEO

To make sure you rank well on Google and also convert visitors into customers, we focus first on “On page” SEO, quality copywriting and design. We back this up with technical “on page” SEO to make sure that Google can read and rank your site correctly.

Then we work on your “Off site SEO” making sure you are listed in important business directories like Google’s own Google Local. We also ensure your social media and other online accounts are correctly configured and optimised to drive more traffic to your website.

Business SEO helps you create a website which ticks all the boxes for local SEO and also appeals to buyers with a strong call to action to convert visitors into buyers. As well, we make sure your site looks great, is easy to navigate, and is useful to your visitors.

Our focus with local SEO is on “brick and mortar” real world businesses” so we pay a lot of attention to turning your visitors into customers who call, visit or buy from you.

Cairns Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO services are customised to your business’s growth goals and budget. We often work with businesses when they are first launching. We offer a full website design and development service and can both build you a great website and set it up well so it ranks on local searches. Read more about our other small business SEO services.

How is Business SEO different?

What really sets Business SEO apart from your typical website designer is that we build your website with SEO in mind: we like to say that our websites have SEO in their DNA!

Because of this whenever you add more information to your website (you can freely add or edit your content whenever you need, or we provide complete “done for you” SEO copywriting services) it is correctly setup to follow best practice SEO guidelines.  We also give you built in video tutorials on writing and editing text and adding images and other media to your website, which means you don’t have to contact someone every time you want to update your website details.Contact Business SEO Cairns

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