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Cairns SEO & Web Design Company Business SEO has years of expertise getting Cairns Businesses to the top of Google searches.  We have worked with companies throughout Australia, but we have particular expertise working with Cairns businesses.  In particular we have extensive experience working in the travel, tourism, accommodation and business to business (B2B) sectors.

What Is SEO?

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation) is correctly designing, configuring and editing web sites including code, layout, site structure, text, images and other content so that it is easily and accurately indexed and classified by internet search engines such as Google.

Why Use SEO?

The goal of SEO is that your webpage will be readily found by people searching for the information, products or services your website is about.  Businesses spend thousands of dollars building websites but unfortunately most are poorly configured as far as SEO goes, with the result that the website receives little traffic from search engines like Google.  This means the ROI of your website is limited and in many cases the website is just a waste of money.

Using SEO can boost your website’s rankings on Google for relevant keywords.  For SEO to work correctly your website needs to have good quality, and useful information regarding the keywords you want it to rank for; otherwise the benefits of SEO are limited or only temporary, and even if visitors come to your webpage they will quickly leave when they realise it wasn’t what they were searching for.

Cairns SEO – Our Approach

Cairns SEO company Business SEO helps you create a website which not only follows best practice SEO principles, but also is attractive, easy to use, informative and useful to your visitors.  Our focus is on SEO for businesses – both “brick and mortar” real world businesses, and online businesses, so we pay a lot of attention to turning your visitors into customers.  There is little benefit in attracting thousands of visitors to your site who like the way it looks, and what you’re saying, but they never contact you.

Cairns SEO Services

Our Cairns SEO services are customised to your business’s needs.  Every business has a unique online and offline goals, brand presence, market, competition and business plan.  We work closely with businesses to create a comprehensive online marketing plan which will generate the best outcome for your company and personal goals.   Our approach for most Cairns businesses includes web design, a thorough SEO strategy including a local Search package, and creation of a network of landing pages across the internet which help drive potential customers to your website, and to contact your business directory.  Read more about how we build a network of authority sites in our small business SEO services.

SEO Web Design Cairns

What really sets Business SEO apart from your typical Cairns Web Designer is that we develop your whole website with SEO in mind: you could say our websites have SEO in their DNA!  Because of this whenever you add more information to your website (you can freely add or edit your content whenever you need, or we provide complete “done for you” SEO copywriting services) it is correctly setup to follow best practice SEO guidelines.  We even provide built in video tutorials on writing and editing text and adding images and other media to your website, which means you don’t have to contact someone every time you want to update your website details.

Mobile Web Design Cairns

Mobile websites can help your site rank better on local searches with great results, as most mobile users who search for businesses take action within a day!

Mobile internet usage is exploding yet most businesses don’t have mobile friendly websites or mobile apps!

Mobile SEO CairnsMobile internet usage is rapidly overtaking desktop surfing as the preferred way to access web content.  This means it is critical that your website is easy to find (SEO), easy to read and easy to navigate and use on mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones like iPhones and tablets like iPads.  Unfortunately, for many business owners some internet technologies (such as the ubiquitous Adobe Flash) won’t work at all on mobile devices, and most other websites are very cramped on a typical mobile screen, making reading them impossible.  Business SEO builds your website with mobile in mind, using best practice mobile responsive design or dedicated mobile websites to ensure your mobile and tablet visitors get the best impression of your business.

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