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We  are a Cairns Web Design and SEO company which helps Australian companies get great results online.

Get more customers for your businessWe’ve helped dozens of Cairns businesses grow their business by building their online presence. This starts with a great website, and can include comprehensive online marketing campaigns.

Our expertise is developing websites for Cairns companies which:

  •  Look great on all screens – like iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices

  • Get found on search engines like Google

  • Turn visitors into customers to grow your business.

Cairns Web Design Portfolio

We have developed websites for Cairns companies in a range of industries which reflect the diversity of the Cairns economy. 

Our Website Design portfolio includes plenty of Cairns SEO & Web design projects in the Travel, tourism and accommodation sectors for which Cairns is best known for,  but also a range of businesses from beauty, wedding, IT and Promotional and Marketing industries.  Our single largest client base would actually be in the Business to Business (B2B) sector.  We get fantastic results for these clients because they need a steady stream of qualified leads, and they can get these efficiently from their own search engine optimised (SEO) website combined with an effective online marketing plan.  We also find that these comanies best appreciate the importance of effective marketing and lead generation; they realise it’s worth spending a dollar if you can make two dollars in return, and that if they can effectively scale their operations then SEO Web Design is an excellent investment.

How is Business SEO Different from Other Web Designers?

Mobile, Tablet, iOS and SEO Friendly websites.

Mobile + Tablet Friendly Websites

Your website has to look great on a range of mobile devices.

Your website absolutely MUST look great on an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. We specialise in mobile responsive web design which means your website will look great on any device. It should also be optimised to be easily found by search engines like Google.


Web Design Cairns

Another difference between Business SEO and your average web design company is that we build your site from the ground up with an online business strategy in mind.  A website should be a profit centre in your business, not just an expense.  We carefully evaluate your business, your market, your competition and your existing web assets to create an effective online strategy optimised to create real profits for your business and value for your customers.

This is in contrast to a more traditional web design approach where the design, vision and personality of the designer takes a lead position rather than the needs of your business.  We should clarify that there are many projects where this approach is actually superior, and a talented designer is worth their weight in gold; so we don’t mean to diminish the skills or value of great web designers.  We should also clarify that our custom web designs are completed with this same attention to detail, but only after carefully assessing what will give your business the greatest value.

We’re proud to say we deliver stunning designs with superior SEO at a very competitive price.  We are able to do this because we’ve invested a lot of time and resources into systems and software which allow us to create websites very efficiently.  We use WordPress for most of our websites because it allows almost infinite customisation and functionality to be integrated very economically.  We create beautiful, professional designs using customised Studiopress Genesis themes in many of our web designs.  These are often minimalistic but are elegant and cleanly coded, and in the right hands can be carefully crafted to meet your exact needs as a business.

Our Approach to Designing Your Website

When we start working on your site we begin with clear goals about who your ideal customer is, and what search terms they use when they are ready to make a purchase or investment decision.  These “buyer keywords” help to pre-qualify your clients so that you attract the types of visitors you want – those who are already searching for the products and services which will best serve your business goals.

How Cairns Companies Can Benefit from Online Business Opportunities

Cairns is in a unique position among Australian cities; we are a truly international city and are culturally, and geographically, a natural centre of trade and communication between Australia and the growing world economic centre – Asia.  Cairns has a unique opportunity to be a leading city, providing it can engage in the new digital economy and become a global city; if we fail to do this we are just a remote Queensland Tourist Town, vulnerable to the vagaries of the world economy and travel fads.  Cairns companies that can get online and offer a service, or attract customers nationally, internationally, or even locally will be well positioned in the future.

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