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Business SEO has been watching the Google Plus business Pages Closely: Initially Google+ was only available for individuals (with business Google+ Pages Threatened with removal).  Now after a long wait, Google+Business Pages are finally available.  Business SEO reviews these pages for small business, brands, companies and other organisations.   Guess what?  They are very much like Facebook Pages.

Google+ Business Page Press Release: Business SEO


Google+ Now Welcomes Businesses, Brands and Organizations

One hundred days after Google launched its social network (Google+), it now welcomes local businesses, international brand names, organizations, sports teams and entertainment outlets into the fold.

google plus business page The power of Google as a company cannot be denied. It is involved in many aspects of the internet; search engine, message delivering, advertisement, analysis, products and more. Add to that the ability to communicate with your clients, advertise your products, and have loyal followers talk to each other about what they like or dislike about your product, and you have a perfect meeting place for clients, much more than in a real brick and mortar place.

Google+ Page allows brands to have more than one page, each dedicated to a different product. For small businesses, Google+ Page amounts to free advertisement and a way to communicate directly with the customers. It can provide a new way of customer support, where the customer can see, not only hear, the company’s representative. It will all be integrated with other Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Docs, Gmail etc.

Of course Google will incorporate Google+ Page in its search engine results, just like it does with its main rival Facebook. But it makes it a little bit easier with a new feature they call ‘Direct Connect’. When a searcher types + before the name in the search query, he will be taken directly to the Google+ place of the company that provides this service.

 Google+ Business Pages still a work in progress with huge potential

There are few things Google+ Page is still missing, when compared with Facebook Places, but rest assured there are people at Google working on it right now.  As of now, it is easy to set up and easy to operate, just like any other social media network, with a huge potential of growth.

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