Mobile Apps for Business: Cardmunch by Linkedin

Mobile App Review: Cardmunch – Throw Out Your Business Card Collection

Mobile App for business cards - CardmunchBusiness cards can be a great tool for networking, finding more business and managing your contacts; but keeping your cards accessible and organised can be hard work.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to collect the data from your business cards and to add it to your online contacts for easy reference?

Relax – now you can do exactly that by using a recently updated iPhone app: CardMunch, by LinkedIn

The LinkedIn CardMunch app helps you organise your business cards, add people to your iPhone contact list and even connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn.  At this stage Cardmunch is an Apple iPhone App only: Android support should be coming soon.

CardMunch is a great mobile app to use; it’s intuitive, fast and gives great results.  The one touch add-to-contacts feature is terrific because for all their benefits, smartphones still make lousy keyboards. It’s a great example of a native mobile app that is designed to exploit the features of a specific mobile device.

What is interesting about CardMunch is that it uses real people to read the cards and enter the data. From the CardMunch website:

“Every business card you submit is transcribed, edited and reviewed by multiple workers to guarantee accuracy. Our workers even crop the company logos from business cards!”

The CardMunch app uses an attractive “cardflow” gallery which lets you scan each card quickly and easily. When you find the card you want, you can use a single tap to connect with the contact on LinkedIn or add the details to your smartphone’s contact list. You can also search through your contact data, including any notes you have made.

Adding business cards to your collection is unbelievably easy – just click “Add contact” and tap the screen to focus.  There is even a multi-shot mode to process that towering stack of business cards you have on your desk.

Once added, your cards and contacts are synced to both your smartphone and the app so you can recover your contacts from any compatible mobile device.



Mobile Apps: Disrupting the Traditional Business Software Model

Mobile Apps for business - Cardmunch

CardMunch mobile app saves your business cards into your iPhone contact list

Cardmunch is a great example of the way Mobile Apps have transformed the way businesses access and consume software. Rather than highly specialised monolithic software produced slowly by gargantuan software companies for hundreds or thousands of dollars, mobile apps often cost $10 or even less (often $0.99 or even free) and there are literally thousands of useful mobile apps out there (Over 1/2 million Apps in the Apple and Android app stores.)  This radical change is truly a disruptive technology, and computer and software companies such as Microsoft have been scrambling to find a profitable or even relevant business model in this new economy.

Mobile Apps can help you become more productive in your business

Mobile apps really can improve your productivity.  Check out our review of the top 10 business mobile apps to help you get more done, more easily.

Interested in a mobile app for your business?

Mobile apps aren’t just something for multinational companies or Silicon Valley startups; many local businesses are reaping the rewards of having their own mobile app.  These include increased customer engagement, building your brand and establishing your business as a progressive company taking a lead in your industry.  Mobile websites and mobile apps are rapidly becoming the dominant way people use technology; people are increasingly using their mobile phone to search for local businesses and products immediately prior to contacting them or purchasing.  To learn more about how  Mobile Apps can help your business grow, Contact Business SEO.



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