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Mobile Apps

When people use their phone to find your business, they are usually ready to buy

Mobile  Apps fоr Local Businesses

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming the preferred way for people to view the internet.  Add to this the fact that people are spending even more time on their phones using mobile apps than they do surfing the internet, and its clear why the business community is turning its attention to how they can market their business effectively using mobile apps.

Can A Mobile App Help Yоur Business?

The internet has totally revolutionised how people search for information and connect with each other.  The web is a vast resource of information on every conceivable subject matter.  The hardest part about the internet is finding reliable information that is directly relevant to your needs (a good SEO service can help your site be found for its target keywords).  For this reason, people are increasingly installing mobile apps on their smart phones which make useful information or resources immediately accessible.

As a business owner this creates an unprecedented opportunity to “get inside your customer’s pocket”.   You can create a resource or tool which is useful to your client, which will always be easily accessible, with just a few taps on their smart phone.

What Can Mobile Apps Do?

Mobile apps vary enormously in content and functionality; they really can be precisely tailored to the needs of your business and your customers.  This means that what works best in one industry may be very different from what works in another industry.

For example, a takeaway restaurant would do very well with a mobile app which provided an easily accessible menu and push button ordering.  This could make picking up dinner on the way home from work a breeze.  A boutique retail outlet or brand might succeed by giving app owners first access a desirable new release.  A publisher might find that an app is an easier way to monetise its new books or magazines than print (which is fast becoming obsolete) or online publishing (which people expect to be free).  Apps which offer better deals, discounts or perks are becoming very popular.

The versatile nature of the app platform means you can better interact with your customers and provide a more engaging and meaningful experience.  Best of all, an app has more direct access to your customer, with less distraction from the noise of the world wide web and social media than a website might present.

In addition tо gіvіng уоur customers а convenient wау tо access уоur іnfоrmаtіоn уоu саn аlsо mаkе usе оf thе interactive features оf уоur App tо generate mоrе content whісh уоu саn usе tо market уоur products better.

Mobile App Costs and Features

Mobile Apps range in cost from several hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars.  The cost varies widely according to the level of functionality.  The cheapest apps will be simple web apps which work on all mobile platforms – essentially they are mobile websites converted into an app.  Hosting a basic app so new customers can buy it and use it should cost around $50 per month.

Even simple Apps can be further customised to include social media, shopping carts, push notifications and other interactive features.  To build the more complex software and game type apps we are used to seeing in the app store can cost several thousand dollars or more.  This investment can be worthwhile if you have a great idea for an app or can generate income for your business.  You should also allocate a budget to marketing your app if you are hoping to sell it beyond your immediate customer base.  “Apptimization” or App Search Optimization is the process of setting up your app and marketing so that it will feature prominently in app stores, and thus sell many more copies.

For most local businesses, you can market your app to existing clients, and local prospective clients, using your website, brochures, QR codes and other advertising methods.  Remember to make your app genuinely useful to your customers or offer an incentive for installing it, otherwise it will go unseen and unused.

Getting Started with Mobile Apps for Your Business

Mobile apps can be a great marketing investment for many businesses.  Getting great results requires expert advice.  Business SEO can assist you in identifying how an app can help your business and in mobile app development, and also point you to other effective online marketing strategies which can help you grow your business and improve your profitability.  As well as mobile apps and mobile websites, we specialise in App store optimisation, mobile SEO, iphone SEO and mobile responsive web design, which are fast becoming essential in the modern online world.

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