Mobile Web Strategy For Your Business

“Your #1 Priority is to build a mobile website” – Google’s Mobile Playbook.

The rapid uptake of mobile phones and explosion in mobile internet and social media use is clearly pointing to the need for local businesses to make developing an effective mobile web presence an urgent priority.  Mobile websites, mobile apps and a proactive mobile marketing strategy are critical if you want your business to ride the wave of the mobilisation of our planet.

It’s not just web designers saying this.  The worlds largest internet search and advertising company, Google is saying it loud and clear.  They see their future as mobile, and yours too.

The Google Mobile Playbook

On Google’s excellent Mobile Playbook website the search giant spells out the importance of mobile sites for businesses.

“Optimize, Optimize, Optimize” – advice from Google

In an age when SEO is struggling with a PR problem – Google has been penalising sites for over-optimisation and dodgy back-linking practices – it’s enlightening to see what they actually recommend to businesses.

Optimisation can’t stop at search – we need to optimise our content, our user experience, our conversion and the overall value we offer to our site visitors and our customers.  (Please note, as an Australian site we use the British spelling for optimise, but when quoting Google we’ve left their spelling intact!)

Why You Need A Mobile

That’s the clear message Google’s Mobile Playbook site..  While the examples they give are big companies and market-disrupting start-ups, their advice applies to businesses of all sizes.

Branded Mobile Apps are the next step

Google also strongly promotes the value of branded mobile apps to deliver entertainment, utility and value to your customers.  They take care to point out that a mobile website or mobile app does not add up to a mobile marketing strategy.  Mobile is the future of the web (and likely of marketing and communication generally), so your business needs to plan specifically for the mobile market, not leave it as an afterthought to your main website or other advertising.

Let’s be clear, though: having an app is not the same as having a mobile strategy. An app is essentially a bookmark for users who want to engage with you, but the majority of your traffic is likely coming from the web, not from brand-loyal power users who’ve downloaded your app.

Google also emphasises the importance of integrating a planned mobile strategy across your business, not just in the marketing department.  Your team are already using their mobile phones to run your business and their personal lives – you can’t afford to leave this to accident.  If you business is proactive in engaging your workforce and customers with mobile friendly solutions that improve productivity and teamwork it can be a big win for employers, employees and your customers.

How mobile can help your business grow

Mobile searches have grown 5x in the last 2 years, and are about to outstrip desktop searches.  Leading your industry in the mobile marketing space will be key to growing your business in the next 2 years.

Can your customers find you in the mobile space, are you delivering an experience which makes them want to do business with you, return in the future, or recommend you to their friends?

Mobile Search = Local Search

Mobile searches are especially powerful in the local business sphere.  If your business relies on local customers you can bet they are trying to find you on their mobile phones.  If they can’t they will be settling for your competitors who have mobile websites.

When your business is found by someone looking locally for your products or services on their mobile phone, you can imagine how high the conversion rate is compared with a desktop search which returns results in another city or suburb.

Ensuring your business is well represented in local mobile search results is critical in an age when people can search for you by speaking to their phone.  Just asking “Find me a plumber who can fix blocked drains” can find you a list of local plumbers in less time than it takes to find the phone book.  If you business isn’t on that list your future prosperity is looking bleak.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Advertising

As an SEO company, we love free traffic!  But in many situations, paid advertising solutions like Google adwords, facebook or Linkedin ads can be a great source of targetted customers.  And if your business has a decent profit margin and is able to scale to meet demand, advertising is a great way to grow your turnover.

Mobile advertising allows a new generation of hyper-local search, with Google, Apple and other providers able to recommend nearby restaurants, accommodation and businesses based on your verbal request or even knowing your travel plans (no search required).

Google also emphases how wide open the mobile advertising space remains:

“Mobile is the most imbalanced medium when it comes to ad spending versus time spent,
at 1% compared to 23%” – Google

Hotter than mobile phones?  Tablets

Not only are tablets popular and easy to use, they have an intimate relationship with shopping.  Tablets or the device of choice for online shoppers – the user experience for browsing and viewing objects of desire means 72% of tablet users make purchases on from their devices on a weekly basis.  This makes them a valuable group of consumers.  The wealth of high quality tablet apps built for the device means tablet users won’t put up with a second rate desktop browsing experience.  They expect touch responsive, attractive and easy to navigate apps and sites.

Both mobile and tablet users also love and expect rich media experiences such as beautiful images, slideshows and video.  Reading can be a chore on a small screen and a picture tells a thousand words.  Mobile and tablet users are quick to leave boring or hard to read websites – using rich media helps reach your visitors faster and more effectively.

How Business SEO can help you succeed on mobile

Your website needs to reach mobile customers and entice them to take action to contact you or buy from you.  We build awesome websites which work on mobiles, smart phones and tablets to seamlessly deliver your content to your customers, regardless of the device they are using.  By incorporating built in app functionality your customers can even download your branded app – perfect for building loyalty and repeat visits.  We also build in exciting visual media engaging content which grabs your visitors attention and powerful calls to action to urge them to connect with your company.

Learn How Business SEO can help your business succeed online with a powerful mobile lead generation strategy.

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