Mobile websites

Mobile App & Web DevelopmentMobile Websites are essential in todays business environment.  With more people accessing the internet and searching for businesses every day, if your company website isn’t mobile-friendly you are losing customers.  Learn how mobile websites can help your business grow.

Business SEO can help you develop a mobile website which will put your business at your client’s fingertips… literally.  Read more about mobile websites below.

A short history of mobile marketing

Mobile phones have cemented their place in our hearts. It seems only a few years ago when it was hard to imagine people wanting to use the internet on their phone. Mobile technology innovation and uptake has exceeded the most optimistic predictions. People report being more attached to their phone than any other possession, often […]

Should I use a QR code?

  Install this web app on your Android: Tap menu, more options, and then Add Shortcut To Homescreen.×

Mobile Web Strategy For Your Business

“Your #1 Priority is to build a mobile website” – Google’s Mobile Playbook. The rapid uptake of mobile phones and explosion in mobile internet and social media use is clearly pointing to the need for local businesses to make developing an effective mobile web presence an urgent priority.  Mobile websites, mobile apps and a proactive […]

Mobile Web Sites

Mobile websites are essential to your business success Mobile phones are everywhere – almost everyone you know now has a smart phone, and they can’t put them down. At work, at home, in the grocery store, in the line at the bank – people are using mobile phones throughout the day. This is important to […]

Mobile Responsive Web Design (& Why You Need It)

Mobile Responsive Design helps your website adapt to whatever size screen it is viewed on.  In an age of mobiles, smartphones, tablets, and HD screens, your website needs to be ready for anything.  Does your website look great on mobile phones: if not it is costing you money!

Mobile Apps To Market Your Business

Mobile apps can be a fantastic way to market your business.  Building a useful app which your customers carry on their phone is easier than you might expect.  Mobile  Apps can help local businesses engage their customers and keep them coming back to do more business from you.

Mobile Apps or Mobile Web Sites?

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web Sites Mobile Apps seem to be all the rage right now, and you’ve probably heard that mobile websites are essential for your business.  Whісh is better? Which does your business need?  As mоrе аnd mоrе mobile smart phones аrе sold, thе buzz аrоund mobile apps gеts еvеr louder. Should еvеrу […]

Mobile Phone Apps – How Mobile Search Can Boost Your Business

Mobile Phone Applications – Whу Yоur Local Business Ѕhоuld Care аbоut Mobile Search Mobile Apps are possibly the biggest thing that has happened in computing since the internet.  We’ve seen for several years that mobile technology, in general, is taking off in a big way and its expected that more people will access the internet […]