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Reputation Management is a Key Component of Business SEO Services

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Take a proactive approach to your online reputation management

With the maturing of the Internet as a business interface, proactive online reputation management is becoming crucial to nurturing and safeguarding the long term image and goodwill of a company. Even the Search Engine O2 nm,ptimization (SEO) strategy of a business website is to a large degree impacted by existing online reputation, as the niche sector or keywords associated with a firm may be subject to positive or negative publicity concerning that company or industry. All modern businesses should be integrating an ongoing positive reputation development plan into the SEO promotion campaign for a website to control the quality of online citations that comprise the online visibility of the enterprise.

How Online Reputation Management Complements SEO for Businesses

The traditional components of business SEO have included improving the search relevance of the site through on-page design, or off-site, by building a network of online citations on high quality websites relevant to the business. While the latter includes business directories, industry sites, and more recently social media, blogs and other interaction, the creation of the links and citations must also involve loyalty-building dynamic actions in order to achieve control of online reputation management. This includes enabling and encouraging existing and prospective clients to connect with the business via social media or leave positive reviews.  At Business SEO our work doesn’t stop with getting your site seen, we also focus on ensuring the reader is impressed and is guided to take the desired actions to contact the company or purchase a product.  A few example functions would include easy appointment-making contact methods, ability to buy the product online, reading consumer-friendly information on the site, being able to easily recommend the site to a friend, etc.

Reputation management or mastery on each of these fronts is crucial in order to offset the effect of negative framing of a company’e online image that may be happening elsewhere. This can come from anecdotal complaints from disgruntled customers posted on forums, poor reviews of the business that went viral or an unflattering online news story or press release. The total picture these comments can give to a business can have as much, or more, visibility than the business site itself. Bad reviews on online directories consequentially stand out like a sore thumb.

 Why Reputation Management for Your Business is Critical: Even if You Have Good SEO Services

An unfavorable or controversial news story or review is still highly visible in spite of the company having remedied the concerns. Businesses must also note that the reputation building issue extends to key staff associated with the company. If negative references to the founder or executive of a firm abound on the web, it can weigh as heavily against the business as a bad article against the company itself. Finally, the face of the business can be revealed in the tools it uses. If the business site utilises LinkedIn for recruiting purposes it sends a different message than the site using MySpace. Such are the reputation management considerations businesses must factor into the strategic planning of their promotional campaigns.

Reputation Management and SEO are Like Two Sides of the Same Coin

Most businesses are familiar with the benefits of SEO, more customers seeing your site is obviously a good thing.  The value of reputation management only becomes clear when you notice the problems in your own Google search results; do you have a negative news story or online customer complaint about your company which is highly visible when your clients search your business name?  Business SEO and Reputation Management are both about taking a proactive approach to how the world perceives your business via search engines and other online tools.  At Business SEO we achieve this using a systematic and careful approach to identifying threats and opportunities for your business online and using best practices to ensure you are presenting a professional face to the world.

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