child theme

(in)SPYR Theme

(in)SPYR is a cutting-edge Responsive WordPress theme build on the Gneesis framework This theme just looks intense – with multiple theme styles and colours, this theme will definitely help you stand out from the competition. Gritty, futuristic, artistic, name your poison! (in)SPYR can do it all. Genesis child theme on the market, (in)SPYR is responsive, […]

Optimal Theme

Optimal Design For Maximum Impact They stylish Optimal theme offers a clean, stylish design in a very contemporary website. Built to work great on any mobile device, tablet, laptop or compputer, Optimal makes sure you look your best however your customers are viewing your website. We love Optimal because it is very clean and uncluttered […]

Executive Theme

Executive website design – ideal for professionals and businesses As the name suggests, this website design is 100% business. Modern, professional design which will make you look like a million dollars! The home page design for executive is highly structured and yet almost minimalist – perfect for a sleek, clean design which puts your business […]