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Local Business Marketing

The business owner’s guide to online local marketing Marketing your local business on the internet can be confusing. There are so many options and solutions being promoted, at wildly varying prices, many with “too good to be true” promises. For many business owners, its all to confusing. Make no mistake though, local businesses absolutely must […]

Google Plus Business Pages

Business SEO has been watching the Google Plus business Pages Closely: Initially Google+ was only available for individuals (with business Google+ Pages Threatened with removal).  Now after a long wait, Google+Business Pages are finally available.  Business SEO reviews these pages for small business, brands, companies and other organisations.   Guess what?  They are very much like […]

Google+ Open for Business

Google+ For Business Is An Important New Medium For Online Marketing This week saw the launch of Google+ for business, marking the second wave of Google’s key social media project There’s no doubt Google is the leading force in cyber innovations, and its tentacles reach many destinations. Being the most popular search engine, having its […]