Social Media

Social Media Marketing for your businesses

You’d need to have been living under a rock for the last 5 years to not have heard about social media! 

It seems to be everywhere: whether it is your local shop or competitor on Facebook, celebrities on Twitter or the latest viral Youtube hit.

Mainstream media is increasingly shifting its emphasis toward Social media, and big brands are getting serious about social media marketing.

Putting social media to work for your business

Knowing how Social media can help your business can be tough though: Social Media can be a real time-waster if it isn’t done right!.

Get expert advice of how Social Media fits into your business marketing strategy from Business SEO.

Top 5 Pinterest Tools

Are Pinterest Tools Helpful for Your Business Website? Before Pinterest was launched, many people dismissed it as just another platform used for collecting and sharing pictures. But ever since its launch in March 2010, many businesses have included it as part of their social media strategy. These days, with over 48 million users, it has […]

How to add a video to your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is a fantastic way to connect with people. They’ve recently added support for media uploads including video, presentations, documents and images. Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to add a Linkedin video to your profile. Install this web app on your Android: Tap menu, more options, and then Add […]

Mobile Apps for Business: Cardmunch by Linkedin

Cardmunch Mobile app for iphone by Linkedin helps you organise your business cards, add them to your iPhone contacts and even connect with them on Linkedin.  Business cards can be a great tool for networking, finding more business and managing your contacts, but keeping your cards accessible and organised can be hard work.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to collect the data from your business cards and to add it to your online contacts for easy reference?  Linkedin’s Cardmunch mobile app acheives this elegantly on the iPhone.

Google Plus Business Pages

Business SEO has been watching the Google Plus business Pages Closely: Initially Google+ was only available for individuals (with business Google+ Pages Threatened with removal).  Now after a long wait, Google+Business Pages are finally available.  Business SEO reviews these pages for small business, brands, companies and other organisations.   Guess what?  They are very much like […]

Google+ Open for Business

Google+ For Business Is An Important New Medium For Online Marketing This week saw the launch of Google+ for business, marking the second wave of Google’s key social media project There’s no doubt Google is the leading force in cyber innovations, and its tentacles reach many destinations. Being the most popular search engine, having its […]