Top 10 Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Can Mobile Apps Really Make You More Productive at Work?

Mobile apps can be great fun but they can also help you be more productive, especially if you run a small business.  If you own a mobile device such as an Apple iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile Phone, Windows smartphone or tablet equivalent you will have found plenty to like in the App store/Marketplace.  Mobile Apps can be great time wasters, so it’s critical that you catch-up some of that wasted time by using Mobile Apps that actually save you time!

Mobile Phones have become an essential part of business and personal life, for everyday tasks like making phone calls, checking and writing email, using calendar, address books and reminder functions, and even for some quick stress relief playing games (I’m absolutely addicted to Civilisation, atm).

One of the true benefits of the mobile platform is that it has brought some truly powerful business mobile apps to a wide audience at a very affordable price (like free, $0.99c, or for the big spenders $5.99).  It’s a relief that software developers have got over the “We’ve got a great product, lets charge $399 for it” attitude then complaining about low sales and software piracy.  Apps make the essential affordable by low prices, but massive market penetration and agile development to bring you tomorrow’s computing science fiction today, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Mobile Apps - Smart Phone usageI’ve had an iPad for a couple of years now and an iPhone 4S for 3 months.  Mobile Apps are some fantastic tools to help you achieve more at work with ease.

Here are my top 10 business Mobile apps (I use an iPhone, so some of these may not be available on Android)

Top 10 Mobile Apps

  1. Skype – Make free calls to other Skype users, or cheap phone calls from anywhere (cheap if you have wi-fi access).
  2. Evernote – Make a note of anything: web pages, photos, ideas, documents; integrates with desktop and browser versions.
  3. Xero – Online accounting taken to a new level; this is a free app for a paid cloud service. I love the feature where you can take a photo of your receipt and save it in seconds.
  4. Cardmunch – Ever get a business card and promptly lose it, or have them coming out your ears?  Use Cardmunch to take a photo of it instead and have it saved to your contacts and integrated with your Linkedin account; then easily connect with the card owner via LinkedIn.
  5. Local Directories ( – This is a great app for finding businesses in your local area – then add them to your address book with a single tap!  A real time saver.
  6. Google Maps – Powers most of the web’s online maps – the original is still great.
  7. Dragon Dictation – Save time and stress by dictating rather than typing into your iPhone.
  8. RDP – Connect to your work computer remotely using an easy interface.
  9. WordPress – Update your WordPress web site on the fly.
  10. iThoughts – Beautiful, easy to use Mindmaps on the iPhone: I mostly use iThoughts HD on the iPad.

Let us know some of your favorite Mobile Apps.

As you can see, mobile apps can really help you get work done, which partly explains their popularity.  Mobile Apps and Mobile websites are becoming essential parts of of the business world and making the most of them in your business can help you get the edge in your industry.  Have you thought of taking it to the next level and getting a mobile App for your business?  Or do you have a brilliant idea which could help people be more productive and want help with mobile app developmentContact Business SEO for all your mobile app and mobile web site enquiries.


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