WordPress SEO Plugin Review

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast – the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin?

Wordpress SEO Plugin ReviewBusiness SEO are WordPress SEO specialists: we work almost exclusively with WordPress sites for good reason: WordPress is natively friendly to SEO, and also offers heaps of extensibility to improve this SEO to turn your WordPress site into an SEO monster.  While many themes attempt to offer some SEO benefits, you really want your SEO configuration to remain in the event you change your theme.  An SEO plugin allows this transportability while allowing much of the functionality you need to optimise your WordPress site.  In practice, a lot of the essential SEO modifications required for WordPress can be acheived without a plugin or special theme, but identifying them can be hard to the beginner.  A good SEO plugin can be a great tool to ensure your WordPress site is correctly optimised.

We’ve tried literally dozens of WordPress SEO Plugins but one stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast performs a whole raft of changes to you WordPress site to improve it’s searchability, classification and ranking in search engines for your search term.  While there are a lot of SEO tools which do comparable things, Yoast’s plugin goes further to actually guide you in setting up the native settings of WordPress like permalink structures and privacy settings to ensure your site is SEO friendly from the ground up.  Even better, WordPress SEO actually guides you while you are writing content for your site.  It encourages you to select a target keyword, then gives you feedback as to whether you have included your keyword in the most important locations in your content (such as whether you have included in your url, page title, article heading, content, meta descriptions, etc), gives you information on keyword density, keyword usage through the content, keywords in image tags, reading difficulty and other important factors search engines like Google measure when indexing, classifying and ranking web pages in search results.  These tools are accessible directly from the post editor as you are writing the post, meaning it’s never “too hard” to optimise your page: it only takes a little time.

The advanced SEO section of the admin interface includes useful tools like Meta Robots Index & Follow settings, 301 redirects, canononical URLs and sitemap settings for each page on your site, including custom post types and categories.

Wordpress SEO Post Editor Admin Panel

Wordpress SEO has a simple to use admin panel right where you need it- in the WordPress article editor

WordPress SEO Plus More

What I really like about this plugin is it guides you to write in a way which will make your page better for your visitors, not just for search engines, which should of course be our goal.  This is reiterated in Yoast’s definitive guide to WordPress SEO: essential reading for anyone serious about getting great rankings for their WordPress site.  In many ways this plugin does comparable things to the paid Scribe SEO Service offered by copyblogger.  WPSEO is a fantastic plugin, especially given it is free.

The latest update of Yoast’s SEO Plugin in WordPress 3.4 includes an updated layout with a very user friendly introductory tutorial to help you get started.

The Yoast SEO dashboard settings include separate pages on titles, meta tags, social settings, XML sitemaps, permalinks, internal links (breadcrumbs), RSS settings, and options to import and export SEO settings to popular plugins like “All in one SEO plugin”.

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